10 Tips for First-Time Cannabis Tourists

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Itprobably hasn’t escaped your attention that Canada recently legalised cannabisin its entirety. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve set your sights on aneye-opening trip sometime soon.

If notCanada, you’re almost certainly one of millions planning a cannabisvacation for 2019.

Allover the world, legalisation is transforming the appeal of dozens ofterritories for international tourists. If you live outside the United States,more towns and cities than ever before have become pure pot paradise. If you’remore of a traditionalist, there’s still no place quite like Holland. And let’snot forget the incredible cannabis club culture of Barcelona.

Longstory short – the world is bursting at the seams with incredible cannabistourist destinations. Nevertheless, it’s useful to tool-up on a few basics ofetiquette and general enjoyment, before heading out.

Soirrespective of the destination you have in mind, here’s a brief rundown of 10essential tips for first-time cannabistourists:

1.  Do your homework

Rightoff the bat, don’t just make the assumption that legalisation ordecriminalisation means you can do whatever you want, wherever you want. Thereare still states, towns, cities and countries were crossing the line could see youhanded serious jail-time. In terms of how much you can buy, how much you cancarry, where you can consume cannabis and who you can share it with, you needto research the rules and regulations of your chosen destination heavily.

2.  You’ll need to carry ID

Arecognised form of identification is required to buy cannabis almost everywherethe stuff has been legalised. You don’t have to be a local, but you’ll berefused outright if you don’t keep your ID with you at all times. It’s the sameas going to a bar – the best way being to expect you’ll be carded with everypurchase, so it’s a good idea never to leave home without it.

3.  Use local guides and resources

Whereveryou choose to head, there will no doubt be a ton of local guides and resourceswith specific focus on cannabis culture. From the best dispensaries in the areato outstanding eateries to clubs to bars to festivals and so on, it’s a greatway of getting the lowdown on what’s happening. You might not find this kind ofinformation in regular tour guides and brochures, so you’ll need to lookelsewhere.

4.  Don’t rush yourself

Try toavoid the mistake of getting well and truly carried away the moment you arrive.The temptation to hit it as hard as possible as quickly as possible can beoverwhelming, but it’s a sure fire-recipe for ending up flat on your back anddiluting your enjoyment of the trip. When you head somewhere that sellscannabis as freely and openly as any other consumer product, remember that there’sno need to rush. It will be right there for the taking for the duration of yourtrip, so you may as well take your time, experiment with a whole bunch ofdifferent strains and enjoy every minute.

5.  Always carry cash

For thetime being, the vast majority of recreational cannabis dispensaries aren’t ableto process card payments. It’s not a case of cash being king – it’s a case ofcash being the only way to pay forcannabis at most dispensaries. It’s never a good idea to carry huge amounts ofcash on your person while on vacation, but ensure you’ve enough to cover yournext pot purchase.

6.  Keep things under control

There’sreally nothing more depressing than a bunch of over-intoxicated tourists makingexamples of themselves out in public. Nevertheless, it’s perhaps the singlemost common faux pas made by cannabis tourists worldwide. They’re overwhelmedby what’s on offer, they choose a 27% THC strain they simply can’t handle andthey subsequently go nuts. A great way of ruining the day not just for yourself,but for everyone else in the vicinity.

7.  Check app availability

You mayfind that there’s a whole bunch of mobile apps available to help you make themost of your weed-friendly vacation. Whether it’s choosing the bestdispensaries or finding the underground cannabis clubs you’d otherwise haveoverlooked, it’s well worth checking out what’s available to download beforeyou head out.

8.  Consider cannabis-friendly accommodation

Theconsumption of cannabis is almost always restricted to private property.  Typically hotels, apartments and guesthousesdon’t allow cannabis to be consumed anywhere near their premises. However, thisdoesn’t mean cannabis-friendly accommodation options don’t exist. It’s simply acase of finding them.  Search online andyou’ll find plenty of options available, with very specific stipulations as towhat is and isn’t allowed. If you’re feeling really sociable, you could always go for an Air BnB room and sharethe experience with a stoner proprietor.

9.  Be careful where you carry your cannabis

Uponleaving a cannabis-friendly destination and heading elsewhere, be sure to checkevery single pocket and crevice of your clothes, your bags and your containers.Crossing national or international boundaries with even the slightest amount ofcannabis on your person could land you in a whole lot of trouble.  Playing ignorance simply isn’t an option –it’s the oldest excuse in the book and it simply won’t be accepted.

10.  Don’t get yourself arrested

Lastbut not least, don’t ever let it slip your mind that there are still heavyrestrictions on the purchase, consumption, transportation and general possessionof cannabis in most places. Even where recreational use has been legalised,this still means you can be looking at six months in jail and a massive finefor overstepping the mark. It’s up to you and you alone to ensure you’re up tospeed with local law and legislation – no allowances are made for tourists whoflout the rules.


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