Discretion 101: Can You Really Prevent Cannabis Stink?

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If youlove cannabis, chances are you can’t get enough of the smellof the stuff. There’s something uniquely intoxicating about the aroma profileof a good bit of bud, which should be embraced and celebrated. But at the sametime, you have to allow for those who simply cannot stand its signature stink.

Particularlyif you need to keep things as discreet as possible, odour prevention is worthtaking seriously.

Forsome, it’s a case of keeping things under wraps when going about an ambitious cannabiscultivation project. For others, it’s moreabout removing all traces of their activities from the night before. In allinstances, it can be astonishingly difficult to eliminate the smell of cannabisfrom even the most spacious rooms.

Truthis, if you’re going to transform your entire living room into a hot-box for anepic eight-hour session, then yes – it’s going to stink for a while. But ifyou’ve been hitting the bong on a slightly more modest level, you’ve a goodchance of getting rid of most of the smell…should you feel the need to.

Sowhether you’ve family coming round, a landlord planning a surprise visit orneighbours you’d prefer not to piss off, here are five semi-effective ways todrive cannabis smell out of your home as quickly as possible:

1. Fragrant Products

Rightoff the bat, you could try your luck with a variety of scented products for thehome. However, it’s worth remembering that most standard air fresheners aredesigned simply to mask smells, rather than get rid of them. Hence, you’ll wantto focus on odour-neutralising products, which actually get to work at thesource of the stink.

Iffilling your home with the synthetic fog of a can of air freshener doesn’tappeal to you, consider investing in a bunch of high-quality scented candles.Not the bargain-basement tealights they sell at your local store, but insteadthose that are laced with natural oils and actually smell like something real.Used strategically around the home, they really can work wonders.

Or ifyou want to keep things nice and cliché, you could always invest in a wholebunch of incense sticks. They’ll do a good job of covering up the fragrance,but will make the air around the space a little on the heavy and musky side indoing so.

2. Focus on Storage

If youcan keep your cannabis and your arsenal of paraphernalia out of the way, you’llstand a much better chance of getting rid of the stink. You’d be amazed justhow much aroma is emitted by funky pipes and bongs, left to fester in acupboard behind the couch. If you need to go nuclear, you could always storeyour stuff in a secure outhouse – just as long as it’s not too cold or hotoutdoors.

Withfresh cannabis flowers, there’s nothing you’ll need to contain their fragranceother than the required number of quality glass jars. Just as long as the sealis genuinely air-tight, there’s no of realistic way of the fragrance creepingout into the surrounding space. It’ll release a burst of gorgeous funk eachtime you open it, but should keep things perfectly discreet in the meantime.

3. Ventilate the Space

Ventilationis your best friend before, during and after a session you’d prefer to keep asdiscrete as possible. If you make the mistake of hitting things hard in asealed space, the smell is going to find its way into and onto everything inthe vicinity. Fabric fresheners can help, but nothing gets the job done betterthan fresh air.

Keep asmany windows and doors open as possible before and during the event.  Afterwards, open even more doors and windows if possible, setting up a few oscillatingfans to encourage good circulation in the space. 

Ifgrowing cannabis indoors, the importance of good airflow and circulation cannotbe overstated. If you don’t plan on setting up an advanced extraction system,at least treat your plants to a couple of basic desk fans and a consistentsupply of fresh air from the outdoors.

4. Try a Sploof

You canalways try your hand at a little craft project, which might just add to theenjoyment of the whole thing. If you’ve never come across the idea of a‘sploof’ before, it’s simply a very basic device used to filter some of thesmoke you’d otherwise bellow into the surrounding space.

Thegood news being that all you need to make your own is a tumble dryer sheet,some toilet paper, a rubber band and an empty cardboard tube. Place the tumbledryer sheet over one end of the tube and secure it in place with a rubber band.Stuff plenty of toilet paper into the tube and push it right down until itreaches the dryer sheet at the other side.

It’sthen simply a case of exhaling by every hit into the sploof, which will filterout plenty of odour particles and neutralise even more with the dryer sheet.It’s a crude filtration device, but can be surprisingly effective!

5. Switch to vaping or edibles

Lastbut not least…and at the risk of upsetting some purists…you could also considerswitching to a different method of consumption. If you need to keep thingsunder wraps for any given reason, vaping doesn’t produce nearly the samepungent pong as smoking.  Likewise, youcould also give cannabis edibles a shot, which typically release little to nofunky fragrance whatsoever.

It maydetract from the ceremony of the whole thing, but this is augmented by the factthat you stand to get significantly higher from the same quantity of cannabis.Not to mention, save yourself one hell of a headache when the clean-up callsthe next day.


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